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Dallas CRE Industry Tops PwC-ULI Survey Again

11/07/18 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
Commercial real estate (CRE) investors continue to have an extremely favorable view of the Dallas metropolitan area.

CRE Investors Applaud Brooklyn Retail, Industrial, and Office Sectors

10/31/18 · Ian Ritter · 5 MIN READ
Brooklyn is getting a lot of attention again.

An Inside Look at Cannabis-Dispensary Leasing

09/06/18 · Ian Ritter · 8 MIN READ
Recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states, 30 allow it medicinally and more are likely to do the same.

Appear Here CEO Ross Bailey on Why Retail Real Estate Needs a New Operating Model

09/04/18 · Katie Higgins · 9 MIN READ
VTS Innovators Spotlight is a VTS blog series that profiles the leading minds in commercial real estate, showcasing how...

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Ikea’s Small Stores: A Win for Retail CRE Landlords?

08/23/18 · Ian Ritter · 5 MIN READ
When one thinks of an Ikea store, the last thing that likely comes to mind is small.

Innovative Thinking Paves a Way Forward for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

07/19/18 · Ian Ritter · 5 MIN READ
Retail is constantly changing, though at a faster pace than ever right now, it seems.

The Top 3 Trends CRE Asset Managers are Focused on Right Now

07/13/18 · Nick Romito · 6 MIN READ
One of the best parts of my job is having the opportunity to sit down with some of the world’s most forward thinking,...

From Brick-and-Mortar to Omnichannel: The New Retail Mix

07/10/18 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
There are a lot of changes happening in retail right now, but one thing is certain: shoppers want both the online and...