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The 4 Most Common Tenant Improvements for Today’s Office

10/17/16 · Katie Paxton Christ · 5 MIN READ
We know that millennials are already making a big impact on office life and work style.

10 Unique Coworking Spaces Attracting Remote Workers

09/22/16 · Tierney Plumb · 6 MIN READ
Coworking spaces are officially the new places to do business, with office-rental companies like WeWork (valued at $16...

One Strategy Physical Stores are Using to Combat E-Commerce

09/16/16 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
There is a lot of talk about how online retail category killers such as Amazon, and even companies with physical stores,...

5 CRE Conferences You Should Attend This Fall

09/15/16 · Katie Paxton Christ · 4 MIN READ
The fall is packed with real estate events.

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Will Outdoor Offices Be the Next Big Trend?

09/12/16 · Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio · 5 MIN READ
From the cubicle to open offices to coworking, offices are changing—and the outdoor office is one of the next...

A Look Inside CBRE’s Incredible “Second Shift”

09/08/16 · Billy Fink · 5 MIN READ
CBRE is known for having cool offices.

What Happens to Rio’s Olympics Real Estate?

09/01/16 · Tierney Plumb · 6 MIN READ
Now that the flags and fanfare of the Rio Olympics are gone, what’s left is a city ripe with new real estate...

Would You Like a Haircut With That?

08/31/16 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
Beauty salons and barber shops don’t usually come to mind when people think about experiential retail.