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4 Ways to Ensure Your CRE Software Purchase is Approved By Year-End

11/08/18 · Julia Woodward · 6 MIN READ
The holidays are quickly approaching and we know what that means – the new year is just around the corner.

Dallas CRE Industry Tops PwC-ULI Survey Again

11/07/18 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
Commercial real estate (CRE) investors continue to have an extremely favorable view of the Dallas metropolitan area.

Why the CRM is a Critical Part of the Modern Landlord’s Toolbelt

11/02/18 · Julia Woodward · 5 MIN READ
You’ve probably heard of CRM software – but do you know what it really does and why it’s such a critical tool for...

Why Landlords Need to Focus on Real Estate Investment Not Software Development

09/21/18 · Julian Carey · 4 MIN READ
Having arrived in property via the traditional route of a property degree and the subsequent RICS qualification, I...

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Leaders from Fifth Wall Ventures, Industrious, Convene & Appear Here on How the Tenant Experience is Being Revolutionized

08/09/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 2 MIN READ
From requiring more flexibility to monetizing unused space, tenants' needs are changing fast, and a new era of...

Invesco’s Managing Director Michael Kirby on How Technology Helps Drive Portfolio Performance

06/26/18 · Katie Higgins · 10 MIN READ
Michael Kirby is Managing Director of North American Real Estate Operations and Asset Management at Invesco Real Estate,...

New York Life Regional Head of Asset Management and Accelerate 2018 Speaker Alan Rubenstein Talks Tech and the New Reality of CRE

06/14/18 · Katie Higgins · 9 MIN READ
New York Life is a company has long embraced innovation and is ramping up technologies at its properties to meet...

Choosing a CRE Tech Platform: Find the Solution that Sticks

05/01/18 · Nick Romito · 5 MIN READ
Today’s CRE Tech space hardly resembles the world in which my co-founders and I launched VTS in 2012.