The Modern CRE Firm’s Guide to Leasing and Asset Management

11/29/18 · Julia Woodward · 4 MIN READ
The traditional approach to leasing and asset management is painful.

Why the CRM is a Critical Part of the Modern Landlord’s Toolbelt

11/02/18 · Julia Woodward · 6 MIN READ
You’ve probably heard of CRM software – but do you know what it really does and why it’s such a critical tool for...

9 Tips for Becoming a Better Networker

09/15/17 · Billy Fink · 7 MIN READ
Networking is a critical part of any CRE professional's job.

3 Things Asset Managers Can Do to Prevent Spreadsheet Errors

06/06/16 · Billy Fink · 6 MIN READ
Spreadsheets are fundamental to commercial real estate.

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2 Helpful Habits for Owners to Mitigate Rent Roll Risk

11/12/15 · Billy Fink · 4 MIN READ
Here are two habits that all owners — regardless of portfolio size — can develop to mitigate risk...

6 Ways CRE Owners Can Ensure a Robust Leasing Pipeline

11/04/15 · Billy Fink · 6 MIN READ
As competition for deals continues to rise in CRE, asset managers and landlords need to make sure their leasing pipeline...

3 Reasons Tenant Rep Brokers Should Embrace New Technologies

11/03/15 · Billy Fink · 5 MIN READ
In recent years, hundreds of millions of dollars have flowed into new CRE technologies, yet few have addressed the...

Top CRE Conferences in Fall 2015

09/30/15 · Katie Paxton Christ · 4 MIN READ
Many real estate networkers have their favorite event - NAIOP’s annual bus tours, Bisnow’s Creative Office,...