Building an Integrated Tech Network: Managing Data Across Multiple Systems

08/11/17 · Rick Ferrino · 6 MIN READ
Technology is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry.

How to Prepare Your Organization for Digital Change

08/09/17 · Jessica Tsai · 6 MIN READ
Technology promises to transform the commercial real estate industry (hear VTS CEO Nick Romito’s perspective on this...

The Makings of the Modern CRE Firm: Four Industry Experts Weigh in

08/07/17 · Adam Budovsky · 5 MIN READ
It’s official.

It’s Not Just a Job: WeWork CPO on Rethinking the Workplace as a Community Platform

08/02/17 · Katie Paxton Christ · 5 MIN READ
If half of your waking hours are spent at work, it needs to be a place you look forward to spending time.

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Accelerating the Sales Process: Key Lessons for CRE Professionals from Former HubSpot CRO

07/31/17 · Katie Paxton Christ · 4 MIN READ
During his keynote address at Accelerate 2017, Mark Roberge observed that the commercial real estate industry feels a...

Leading Venture Capitalists on Navigating Innovation & the Tenants of the Future

07/28/17 · Skye Fulkerson · 7 MIN READ
Venture capitalists are clearly paying attention when it comes to commercial real estate.

C-Suite of the World’s Top Brokerages Talk Tech’s Role in the Future of CRE

07/26/17 · Katie Higgins · 6 MIN READ
What role will technology play in the future of brokerage and the role of the broker?

Commercial Real Estate Innovation: Our Time is Now

07/24/17 · Nick Romito · 6 MIN READ
Back in 2010, one of my best friends and I had a crazy idea for a company that we believed would help drive commercial...