NorthWest HealthCare Properties Regional GM Dave Casimiro on Using Technology to Better Serve Medical Office Tenants

06/04/18 · Katie Higgins · 11 MIN READ
Toronto, Ontario-based NorthWest HealthCare Properties REIT is the biggest non-government owner and manager of medical...

Fifth Wall Ventures Co-Founder Brad Greiwe on How the Built Environment is Colliding with Technology

05/30/18 · Katie Higgins · 14 MIN READ
Los Angeles-based Fifth Wall Ventures was the first venture capital firm established to invest exclusively in real...

Rubenstein Partners COO Eric Schiela on Why Office Owners Should Think Hospitality

05/23/18 · Katie Higgins · 10 MIN READ
Philadelphia-based Rubenstein Partners is a real estate investment firm that specializes in office properties.

Bridge CEO Jeff Shaw on Why the Tenant Experience is All He Thinks About

05/15/18 · Katie Higgins · 10 MIN READ
Jeff Shaw, CEO and principal of Atlanta-based commercial office operating company, Bridge Commercial Real Estate, is a...

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How Technology is Transforming Modern-Day Portfolio Management

08/21/17 · Jessica Kurz · 6 MIN READ
The days of lagging portfolio information and manual data aggregation are quickly falling behind us.

Marketing Driving Strategic Value: Technology, Creativity & Personalization

08/18/17 · Andrew Flint · 7 MIN READ
Marketing is an essential part of the commercial real estate industry.

Why the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Needs to Evolve

08/16/17 · Patrick Kehoe · 7 MIN READ
Tenant requirements have evolved dramatically over the past 10-15 years.

How to Optimize Your Leasing Pipeline With Technology

08/14/17 · Matt Engfer · 5 MIN READ
From using data to increase activity to driving operational efficiencies, the most forward-thinking commercial real...