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Don’t Get Taken Hostage by Your Tenants: Lessons from Former Lead FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss

08/21/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 3 MIN READ
When it comes to negotiating, no one knows how to do it better than Chris Voss – former lead hostage negotiator for...

12 Tenant Experience Companies That Landlords Need Today

08/17/18 · Katie Higgins · 7 MIN READ
The mindset and expectations of the modern tenant have completely changed thanks to the rise of co-working and flexible...

Fireside Chat with Emmitt Smith: From the NFL to Commercial Real Estate

08/14/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 2 MIN READ
What do a former NFL Hall of Fame Running Back and a technology entrepreneur have in common?

Leaders from Fifth Wall Ventures, Industrious, Convene & Appear Here on How the Tenant Experience is Being Revolutionized

08/09/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 3 MIN READ
From requiring more flexibility to monetizing unused space, tenants' needs are changing fast, and a new era of...

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Leaders from CBRE GI, Choice Properties REIT, Brookfield & Oxford Properties on the Shift to a Tenant-Centric Industry

08/07/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 3 MIN READ
There’s no question about it – the needs and expectations of the modern tenant have changed.

How to Make Your Leasing Meetings More Strategic and Productive with VTS

08/02/18 · Nick Romito · 7 MIN READ
The leasing meeting is a critical part of the leasing process, providing a forum for asset managers, leasing teams, and...

EQ Office’s Lisa Picard Talks Data, Tenant-Centricity & “Unlearning” at VTS Accelerate

07/31/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 3 MIN READ
Lisa Picard, President and CEO of EQ Office, recently shared the stage with VTS CPO Brandon Weber for a fireside chat at...

The Top 4 Tech Challenges That Keep UK Property Execs Awake at Night

07/27/18 · Charlie Wade · 6 MIN READ
Innovation in the commercial property industry is reaching an important tipping-point.

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