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VTS’ Q3 Was Most Successful Quarter in Company History with 9 Billion Square Feet Now Managed on Platform

11/06/18 · Julia Woodward · 3 MIN READ
The team at VTS is incredibly excited to announce that Q3 was our most successful quarter to date.

VTS MarketView™ Benchmarks: Average Deal Cycle Time for Office Deals ≥10K SF

11/02/18 · Katie Paxton Christ · 3 MIN READ
VTS MarketView™ is the first-ever real-time benchmarking and market analytics for the commercial real estate industry.

VTS MarketView™ Benchmarks: How Do Your Deal Cycle Times Compare?

10/18/18 · Katie Higgins · 3 MIN READ
By now you’ve heard about VTS MarketView™, the first-ever benchmarking and market analytics for the commercial real...

VTS CPO Brandon Weber on the Vision for VTS MarketView™ [Video]

07/26/18 · Fitz Fitzgerald · 3 MIN READ
“In case you were asleep or maybe didn’t make the first day, I’m going to recap: Yesterday we announced that...

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Announcing VTS MarketView™ – Commercial Real Estate’s First Real-Time Benchmarking and Market Analytics Platform

06/19/18 · Nick Romito · 5 MIN READ
Yesterday marked a massive milestone for VTS, arguably the biggest for our company.

The VTS Platform Grows by More than 400M SF in Q1

06/16/17 · Alden Ewing · 5 MIN READ
It’s fair to say that the first few months of 2017 have been some of the most hectic, yet rewarding, in VTS history.

VTS Product Check-in with Brandon Weber

06/15/17 · Alden Ewing · 3 MIN READ
Brandon Weber, VTS’ chief product officer and co-founder, sits down to discuss what we’ve been working on and the...

VTS Product Round-Up (5/29 – 6/9)

06/14/17 · Billy Fink · 3 MIN READ
The VTS product team is focused on landing all of it's Q2 goals.

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