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Introducing the new

Introducing the new

Nick Romito
Nick Romito
Co-Founder & CEO, VTS

Today marks a pretty significant milestone in the evolution of VTS. Having recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the VTS-Hightower merger, we’re incredibly excited to launch our brand new company website,

There’s a few key reasons why I’m this thrilled to get this new site out into the world.

We’re introducing a refreshed VTS brand

Firstly, the new site marks the first time the refreshed VTS brand is officially introduced into the world. Following the VTS-Hightower merger in November 2016, our unified firm emerged as the leading leasing and asset management technology firm in commercial real estate. We felt this milestone presented an important opportunity for us to revisit, as a team, who we are as a company and what we stand for. Now, fast forward a few months, VTS has a refreshed visual and verbal brand that we feel does a phenomenal job of communicating our vision to revolutionize commercial real estate through innovation.

You can expect more content

Secondly, the new gives us a platform to publish more educational content – expect to see more eBooks, webinars, infographics and podcasts over the coming months. We’ve already been doing this for a while via our blog (which will get its own overhaul in the coming weeks), and our new resource library enables us take this to the next level. We're now able to host more in-depth resources for commercial real estate landlords and brokers looking for guidance and best practices on the hardest challenges they’re facing today.

The market is changing – our new site will help you adapt

Shifting dynamics in commercial real estate, including the rise of technology and the changing tenant relationship, are causing landlords and brokers to rethink how they manage their portfolios. The common framework of a revenue, or sales, funnel, provides a comprehensive way for CRE professionals to approach their leasing and asset management businesses in a way that optimizes performance at the attract, convert and retain stages of the leasing cycle, ultimately increasing revenue. The new walks landlords and brokers through the funnel stages, and provides actionable resources designed to help them adapt to this shifting landscape in their own businesses.

At the heart of everything VTS stands for is the concept of “continuous improvement.” Our company website and brand are an important reflection of this and are critical components in our ability to provide a world-class experience for our current and future customers. To that end, expect to see continuous updates to the site and an ongoing evolution of the VTS brand over the weeks and months ahead.

As you explore the new site, we’d love to hear any feedback you may have. Please feel free to email us at 

Visit the new now.

Nick Romito
Co-Founder & CEO | VTS
Nick Romito
Nick Romito is the Co-Founder and CEO of VTS. Subscribe to the VTS blog:
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