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Humans of Hightower: Ayesha Chacko, Sales Executive

We at Hightower put a lot of focus on hiring the right people. TheHumans of Hightowerseries highlights some of these people. Up today:Ayesha Chacko,Sales Executive and our NOLArepresentative.

What brought you to Hightower?

Patrick, our VP of Commercial Operations, reached out to me with this incredible opportunity. At the time, I wasn't actually looking for a new job (that's always how the story goes, right?) — but after meeting the team and hearing more about the platform / marketplace, I knewthat Hightower was a perfect fit for my next step. Brandon, Niall, and Donald are an incredible leadership team, and I was impressed by how quickly our customer base was growingwhen our business team was still really small.The combination of the opportunity to grow personally/professionally and to work on an industry-changing product with amazing people was something that I couldn’t pass up.

Tell us about your road to sales.

I started out in management consulting, working with healthcare and financial services companies. While I really enjoyed consulting, I was intrigued by the growing tech scene in New York, so I spent some timeworking in operations at Yext, a larger tech company. After making the jump to Hightower, I had the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the business - marketing, account management, operations, etc. I realized that my favorite part of thejob was building relationships with new Hightower clients in new markets, and decided to focus full-time on sales. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Favorite Hightowermemory sofar?

Learning to ski on our Hightowerworkaway earlier this year in Killington, VT. There is an unusually high level of ski proficiency at Hightower and while most others were zipping down double blacks, I was making a spectacle of myself on the bunny slopes with Evan (Engineering) and Bianca (Customer Success). It was, to say the least, a bonding experience.

Favorite commercial building in the US?

The Flatiron Building - it's so uniquely Manhattan, yet in a lower-key way than most other NYC landmarks.

So you're fromNew Orleans?

Yep, I grew up in New Orleans, which is opposite in most ways to Manhattan. It’s a super small city where strangers say “hi” to one another on the street. The NOLAculture and pride is so unique and such a big part of who I am that I didn’t think I would feel at home anywhere else. Luckily, I had 4 years at college in Philadelphia to ease the transition into big city life, and a ton of my close friends from Penn moved to NYC with me. While my new normal includes weaving through oncoming traffic and glaring at tourists taking pictures in the middle of the street, I have been known to still slip into a Southern accent when I’m excited or upset.

Although New York does haveits perks:I got engaged earlier this year and moved into a Gramercy apartment with no fake walls, a dishwasher, and closet space (all at the same time!), so things are starting to get real.

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Billy Fink
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