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Announcing the Brand New Site Plan on VTS

The new VTS site plan lets retail and industrial owners manage all their asset and tenant activity in one place. Watch the below video to learn more about the changes and how to access them within VTS.

Wistia video thumbnail - The VTS Site Plan

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Continue reading below to learn how the new Site Plan helps you save time and reduce risk:

Save time

Access an unprecedented amount of information -- all while maintaining a clean design
A busy, cluttered site plan is a useless site plan. The VTS site plan preserves a simple design, but offers all the information on a space either with a hover or side pane.

Quickly find availabilities that match an open requirement
Since the VTS site plan is dynamic, users can easily filter to see spaces that are available within a specific size. Zoom and pan around the site to see what’s available, the adjacent tenants, and any key information you need to know about the space.

Generate a report in seconds
Export your site plan in any of the views with a rent roll with the click of a button. Reporting has never been easier.

Don’t waste time searching for that tenant again
Have you ever found yourself scanning the site plan searching for that one tenant or one space? Don’t ever worry about that again. With the roster on the VTS site plan, you can click on a tenant or space name, and you are immediately brought to the corresponding space on the site plan.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk with options tracking
Options and rights are particularly painful for retail landlords. Stop worrying about that co-tenancy clause or ROFR since the VTS site plan indicates relevant options & right in the site plan.

Understand your exposure to different types of retailers
Leverage the new Merchandising Mix view on the site plan to see whether a particular retail focus is under or overrepresented in your asset. This view also shows the breakdown of retailers that sell products like a hardware or grocery store versus experiences like movie theatres or gyms.

Quickly assess the health of tenants
The Occupancy Cost lens surfaces the health of a tenant by recording if a tenant is paying rent at sustainable levels. If too high, maybe this tells you you won’t be able to increase rents and may need to reduce rents to retain the tenant and if too low, the LL may be able to hike rents.

Billy Fink
Billy Fink is a former member of the VTS team.

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