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Liberating Lawyers Through PropTech

This guest post comes to us from Susan Freeman, Partner at Mishcon de Reya. 

The writing on the wall couldn't really be clearer: the real estate world, not generally seen as being in the vanguard of change, is having to adapt to fast-moving technological advancements. Whether it's online listings, virtual reality, machine learning, drones, big data or crowdsourcing, ignoring the tsunami of innovation is just no longer an option. The way lawyers do business is already changing and at Mishcon de Reya we plan to lead the tech revolution in legal services. Last year we launched our 10 year vision to ensure that we continue to be a successful and sustainable business in the years to come. Unsurprisingly, technology is a fundamental pillar of that vision.

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Marketing Driving Strategic Value: Technology, Creativity & Personalization

Marketing is an essential part of the commercial real estate industry. Whether it’s presenting properties to the market or shaping brand identity, organizations rely on marketing to drive strategic value. And in today’s environment, technology is increasing both the scale and pace of marketing. To help understand this evolving dynamic, panelists offered their insight at Accelerate 2017.

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Why the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Needs to Evolve

Tenant requirements have evolved dramatically over the past 10-15 years. This is being driven by an escalating war for talent, rapidly changing working habits (e.g., co-working, more collaboration spaces), and a shift in how work space is used. In response, leading landlords are rethinking their approach to tenant relationships to ensure they continue to attract best-in-class occupiers.

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How to Optimize Your Leasing Pipeline With Technology

From using data to increase activity to driving operational efficiencies, the most forward-thinking commercial real estate companies are utilizing technology to optimize the leasing process and increase the success of their leasing efforts.

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Building an Integrated Tech Network: Managing Data Across Multiple Systems

Technology is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. As that need grows, companies are forced to evolve to stay competitive. From finding the best ways to manage data across numerous systems to deciding whether it’s better to develop solutions in-house or buy from vendors, integrating data systems is a critical task for commercial real estate firms.

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How to Prepare Your Organization for Digital Change

Technology promises to transform the commercial real estate industry (hear VTS CEO Nick Romito’s perspective on this here) and deliver a vast range of benefits to owners and brokers. But change can be challenging, and leading property organizations have realized that thorough and well-thought-out preparation is critical for ensuring the successful implementation of any new technology solution.

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The Makings of the Modern CRE Firm: Four Industry Experts Weigh in

It’s official. Technology is no longer a nice-to-have in commercial real estate, it’s a must-have. In response to rapid innovation, the most forward-thinking firms are evolving and incorporating technology into their daily operations to scale quickly, capitalize on opportunities and remain competitive.

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It’s Not Just a Job: WeWork CPO on Rethinking the Workplace as a Community Platform

If half of your waking hours are spent at work, it needs to be a place you look forward to spending time. It needs to be a dynamic atmosphere that fosters innovation and creativity so passionate creators can collaborate and do their life’s work. WeWork’s explosive growth speaks volumes about the demand for and success of this type of work environment.

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Accelerating the Sales Process: Key Lessons for CRE Professionals from Former HubSpot CRO

During his keynote address at Accelerate 2017, Mark Roberge observed that the commercial real estate industry feels a lot like the software industry 10 years ago. That is, the sector is ripe for a similar transformation.

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Leading Venture Capitalists on Navigating Innovation & the Tenants of the Future

Venture capitalists are clearly paying attention when it comes to commercial real estate. In 2016, the real estate technology sector saw record-breaking deal activity and more than $2.7 billion in investments. According to Nick Romito, founder and CEO of VTS, the current rate of growth suggests the sector could see somewhere around $2 billion in new investment in 2017. 

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