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Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: A Starter’s Guide for CRE

Bitcoin has been a hot topic lately. Its value skyrocketed from $600 apiece last September to peak near $5,000 in early September this year. China is trying to shut the cryptocurrency down and Jamie Dimon called it a scam, but despite all that, it looks like Bitcoin is just getting stronger.

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Office Space After Hours: 10 Creative Uses for Owners & Tenants

With tenants typically only occupying office buildings during the day, a case could be made that it’s a waste of space and energy for buildings to sit empty after quitting time while landlords continue paying operating costs 24/7.

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11 Tech Buzzwords Real Estate Professionals Need to Know

Ever find yourself involved in a conversation comprised almost entirely of acronyms?

In the tech community — where entrepreneurs speak a language all their own — it happens all the time.

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9 Tips for Becoming a Better Networker

Networking is a critical part of any CRE professional's job. As a matter of fact, it’s a critical part of everybody’s job. And with conference season in full swing, there's no better time to brush up on your networking skills and maybe even pick up some new ones. 

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4 Leading Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for CRE Brokers

At its core, commercial real estate brokerage is truly an entrepreneurial business. While you might be working at a large, established company, it's still up to you to win new business, successfully manage client relationships and in many cases, run a high-performing team. Ultimately, your success is in your own hands, which presents you with a huge opportunity. 

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The Increasing Importance of Digital Connectivity in Commercial Property

Connectivity and the digital infrastructure of our built environment is fast becoming one of the most valuable assets that a piece of commercial property can boast.

Why is connectivity so important? And is the UK’s built environment prepared for the digital future?

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The Modern Workplace: 6 Must-Haves for Today's Office Tenants

Today’s office tenants have different needs than they did ten years ago. No longer is a workplace simply just where employees come to do their jobs every day. Rather, the workspace has become interwoven with a company’s identity and plays an important role in attracting high-value talent, as well as helping to facilitate the most innovative, productive work.

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7 CRE Conferences to Attend This Fall

The fall real estate conference circuit is just around the corner! It’s not too late to get a plan in place for making the most out of these networking opportunities. Here are some of the top events on our list:

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Liberating Lawyers Through PropTech

This guest post comes to us from Susan Freeman, Partner at Mishcon de Reya. 

The writing on the wall couldn't really be clearer: the real estate world, not generally seen as being in the vanguard of change, is having to adapt to fast-moving technological advancements. Whether it's online listings, virtual reality, machine learning, drones, big data or crowdsourcing, ignoring the tsunami of innovation is just no longer an option. The way lawyers do business is already changing and at Mishcon de Reya we plan to lead the tech revolution in legal services. Last year we launched our 10 year vision to ensure that we continue to be a successful and sustainable business in the years to come. Unsurprisingly, technology is a fundamental pillar of that vision.

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Marketing Driving Strategic Value: Technology, Creativity & Personalization

Marketing is an essential part of the commercial real estate industry. Whether it’s presenting properties to the market or shaping brand identity, organizations rely on marketing to drive strategic value. And in today’s environment, technology is increasing both the scale and pace of marketing. To help understand this evolving dynamic, panelists offered their insight at Accelerate 2017.

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