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Tenant Experience: What’s All the Fuss About? Three Golden Rules Every CRE Owner Needs to Stay Ahead of the Game

Tailoring your product to fit your customer needs is not a new concept. By having absolute clarity on who are my customers, their daily desires and pain points, I can sell my products to them in the most effective way.

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How 9 Industry Leaders Are Redefining What it Means to Be a Landlord

Traditionally, the commercial real estate industry has focused on aspects of the physical property to make money. You buy a well-located asset, renovate the lobby and touch up the elevators. Your tenant (whom you haven’t spoken a great deal to since the lease was signed a few years ago) is presumably happy, and you end up disposing of the asset and making a significant return. Happy days.

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Appear Here CEO Ross Bailey on Why Retail Real Estate Needs a New Operating Model

VTS Innovators Spotlight is a VTS blog series that profiles the leading minds in commercial real estate, showcasing how they are transforming their organizations through technology and innovation.

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12 Tenant Experience Companies That Landlords Need Today

The mindset and expectations of the modern tenant have completely changed thanks to the rise of co-working and flexible space offerings, the influx of millennials entering the workforce and an increased reliance on technology. To attract and retain this next generations of tenants, landlords are adopting a tenant-centric mindset and creating sought-after experiences in their buildings.

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Leaders from Fifth Wall Ventures, Industrious, Convene & Appear Here on How the Tenant Experience is Being Revolutionized

From requiring more flexibility to monetizing unused space, tenants' needs are changing fast, and a new era of innovative firms are quickly emerging to help landlords meet them.

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Leaders from CBRE GI, Choice Properties REIT, Brookfield & Oxford Properties on the Shift to a Tenant-Centric Industry

There’s no question about it – the needs and expectations of the modern tenant have changed. In order to continue to attract and retain the highest quality tenants to their properties, leasing and asset management professionals are shifting their approach to both the leasing process and the overall experience a tenant has in a building.

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The Top 3 Trends CRE Asset Managers are Focused on Right Now

One of the best parts of my job is having the opportunity to sit down with some of the world’s most forward thinking, innovative and successful landlords and brokers on a regular basis. In an industry that is changing as fast as ours, these conversations provide invaluable insight into the macro trends that are driving change, and how CRE’s leading minds are positioning their businesses to adapt and thrive.

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Bridge CEO & Accelerate 2018 Speaker Jeff Shaw on Why the Tenant Experience is All He Thinks About

Jeff Shaw, CEO and principal of Atlanta-based commercial office operating company, Bridge Commercial Real Estate, is a leader with many plates in the air. He’s charged with leading the firm’s leasing and property management operations across its 9 million square foot portfolio in 15 states. This sees him actively working with his team plus more than 50 agents at any one time to enhance the deal process and mitigate any risk.

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