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5 Articles to Read Before ICSC RECon 2018

As they do every year, tens of thousands of retail real estate landlords, brokers, tenants and vendors will soon converge in Las Vegas for the global retail convention, RECon. Hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), RECon is taking place May 20 – 23.

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The 7 International Retailers U.S. Landlords Need to Know About

Retailers based in other countries are not new to the U.S. shopping-center landscape. Consumers here are very aware of Aldi, H&M, IKEA, Zara, and others.

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Ghost Restaurants and the Impact on Commercial Real Estate

A hot, new restaurant concept is taking off in densely populated cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., but don’t try to make a reservation or stop in to grab a bite to eat. These restaurants have no dining areas, no storefronts and no wait staff. They’re “ghost restaurants” or “virtual restaurants” – and are delivery only. They allow restaurateurs to diversify or expand with little overhead or test out new concepts.

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Retail Growth More Prevalent Than You Might Think

Retail real estate might not be in such bad shape after all.

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Will WeWork Become a Retail Force?

WeWork has definitely made its mark in commercial real estate’s office sector.

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Q&A: Half Price Books Bucks Store-Closing Trends With Experiential Retail

Much of what one hears about in the retail real estate industry nowadays is store closures, so it’s refreshing to learn about a company actually opening more locations. One of them is Half Price Books, which is doing so in a sector of retail that has gotten hammered over the years by Amazon and digital media.

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4 Food Trends Playing a Major Role in the Future of Retail CRE

Get this. People spend five hours per week looking at food posts on social media, on average. Meanwhile, they only cook food four hours a week.

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Mall REIT Investor Interest Shows Retail Faith

Brick-and-mortar retail stores aren’t shown much love nowadays. Nearly every day, it seems, there is a negative headline about the “death of stores” and how everything will be bought online and flown to one’s doorstep by drones.

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CVS-Aetna Deal Could Heighten Experiential Retail

Last montht's acquisition of Aetna by CVS Health for $69 billion is a big deal for a lot of reasons. The merger of a major drugstore retailer with one of the largest insurance companies will likely introduce big changes for the healthcare industry by making it easier for consumers and employers to choose one place for routine care and prescriptions.

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4 Reasons why the Holidays are the Perfect Time for Retail Landlords to Try Hosting Popup Tenants

This guest blog post comes to the blog from Mohamed Haouache, CEO of Storefront.

Maybe the only thing worse than getting a lump of coal for Christmas is watching your retail space sit empty for the prime holiday season.

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