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How is the Rise of Urban Logistics Impacting the UK Property Landscape?

The retail world is rapidly evolving. Over the last decade the stratospheric growth of online-only retail behemoths like Amazon has forced traditional brick and mortar retailers to develop defensive ecommerce strategies and the intensification of competition has coincided with growing consumer demand for instant gratification. Where once consumers were happy to wait for a few days for items to be delivered, now they want their orders the next day or even in the next hour.

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Mixed-Use: Creating New Value for Retail Properties

The blurring of lines between where we work and where we shop will have a medium impact on shopping centers, restaurants, bars and office buildings over the next decade.

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5 Ways Office Buildings are Adopting Hospitality and Residential Concepts

Gone are the days of sterile, uninviting office buildings. Office owners and developers are increasingly incorporating concepts borrowed from the hospitality and residential sectors to make workplaces more inviting for tenants.

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5 Lessons CRE Professionals Can Learn From SaaS Companies

With progress in technology and data accelerating, the commercial real estate industry is changing quickly.

But smart commercial real estate professionals aren’t looking for new jobs...they’re adapting.

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Sun Shines on Pacific Northwest Retail

Despite concern about the retail sector of commercial real estate right now, those looking for positive news need look no further than the Pacific Northwest. The region’s two biggest cities, Seattle and Portland, Ore., are both U.S. retail-fundamental strongholds.

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How to Survive ICSC RECon 2017: 4 CRE Pro's Weigh In

ICSC REcon. The annual retail real estate convention hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), that sees around 37,000 commercial real estate professionals descend upon Las Vegas for several days of meetings, networking, panels and parties.

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Department Store Closings Offer Unique Opportunities as Retail Property Market Aligns with Changing Consumer Demands

While some consumers might think the rise of online shopping and a wave of department store closings in the retail property market signals the imminent demise of the shopping center as we know it, those in the know see it as a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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5 Tips to Ensure Your CRE Tech Works for a Non-Millennial Workforce

For commercial real estate landlords and brokers who came up through the industry before the emergence of technology solutions, the transition to cloud-based platforms, digital dashboards and mobile apps can be exciting, yet also daunting.

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The Digital Transformation of the Built Environment

We are undergoing a Digital Transformation of the built environment. As a result, the face of commercial property has been irreversibly altered. The PropTech world has been praised, and sometimes blamed, for radical new business practices sweeping the industry. As important as it is to make room for innovation, we can’t lose sight of two things: Firstly, PropTech is just one small facet of change for the property industry; and secondly, a balance must be struck between digital and human interaction.

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Retail Investment Expected to Grow in 2017 With Focus on Secondary Markets

While retail is proving to be the slowest real estate segment to recover from the 2008 market crisis, there is good reason to be optimistic about the prospects for the sector.

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