Now Track Lease Comps in Hightower


You asked, we listened. Hightower now allows users to track all of their comps in the platform.

This has been one of the most requested features by both our owner and broker customers. And we understand why. It’s a pain to have to still rely on static excel sheets for your comps. Forget that. Use Hightower to:


•  Track comps in a single, cloud-based platform so that they can access the intel at anytime

 Easily share comps data with leasing teams and clients, ensuring best-in-class market intelligence

•  Monitor analytics by tracking KPIs over time and filtering the relevant comps data to make better decisions

We will continue building out this feature set over the coming months to ensure we provide the best comps functionality for Hightower users. The comps functionality is just another example of how Hightower users can leverage the platform to drive better results across their entire leasing business. 

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