Retail Site Plans: Upgraded


Retail is more visual than any other sector in CRE. That’s why we launched Retail 360 with the first-ever interactive and dynamic site plan. Today, that site plan gets even better with the release of a powerful new set of capabilities.

Hightower users can use the site plan to:

- Visualize occupancy cost to sales ratio - to assess tenant health

- See merchandising mix - to make more tactical leasing decisions

- Drill into the details - to see dynamic popovers and surface detailed information about tenants

- Filter through strategic lenses - to view your site plan by deal stage, occupancy cost, merchandising mix, and more


The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far. 


Chris Newkirk, a retail broker at CBRE, said“Hightower’s site plan is probably the first thing I look at each morning. I used to have to find the brochure and make very time-expensive changes. Now it’s all real-time with Hightower.” 


Brad Rohrbaugh, VP of Retail at Bennett Williams, echoed the sentiment when he said, "“The site plan is a total game changer. It took the one-dimensional, static site plan I was used to and transformed it into an interactive, shareable resource.” 


And Stephen Halle, Director of Property Management at WashREIT, told us, "Hightower’s new site plan feature solves the unique needs of retail real estate.  When combined with Hightower’s existing leasing management capabilities, the site plan helps to visualize leasing scenarios, allowing Landlords and brokers to make more thoughtful decisions."


The site plan is just one part of Hightower's Retail 360 offering that allows retail brokers and owners to better manage their portfolios and tenants. In addition to Hightower's core deal tracking and insights functionality, the product allows users to monitor important information about retail tenants, including retail space type, retail categories, percentage rents, projected annual sales, monthly sales receipts, and more. 

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