Announcing Industrial 360


Hightower is dedicated to offering nuanced functionality for office, retail, and industrial property types. Several months ago, we demonstrated that with the launch of Retail 360, a feature set that supports the unique needs of retail landlords and brokers.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Industrial 360, a new product that offers tailored functionality for industrial brokers and owners.

The launch of this feature set comes at an important time for the industrial owners and brokers. The industrial property type is experiencing some dramatic shifts in competition, rents, and e-commerce influences. The functionalities offered Industrial 360 will help competitive owners stay ahead of these trends.

The new features accompany the typical functionality and benefits of Hightower’s platform - but, with I360, industrial owners and brokers get the additional benefits of:

1. Tracking the important space details - record (on spaces) column spacing, building depth, parking spaces, trailer spaces, dock doors, clear heights, and more.
2. Seeing aerial photos of assets - assess the true quality of the asset. See the age of the building, logistics and transportation around the building.
3. Using a dynamic site plan - understand the layout and all the elements of assets in a dynamic way. Seamless and visual way to visualize the data that lives in your spreadsheets.

We will continue to develop the product with the input of our newest board member, Guy Jaquier — the former CEO of Prologis Capital. His input and connections will ensure we’re building the best possible product for our industrial customers.

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