Announcing Hightower Mobile 3.0


Check out some of the newest additions to Hightower’s iOS app that will keep you at full productivity, no matter where you are.

1. Hightower integrates with Uber

Use this nifty new integration to always be time for your tours. You can order an Uber on an asset page by tapping the asset address within the Hightower mobile app. Click and go.

2. New Home screen

To make the Hightower mobile app more convenient, we have created a brand-new homescreen tool that allows you to search the entire platform, easily access your recently viewed items, see and create important reminders, and monitor an ongoing activity feed.

3. Better commenting

Swipe left on any comment - whether in your Activity Feed or Notifications - to reply directly to a comment.

4. Add a Contact from your phone

You worked hard for your existing contacts. Now you can quickly add any contact from your phone to a deal.

5. Upload files from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive

Quickly add the right attachment to a deal or asset from anywhere.

Mobile App

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