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WATCH: Maximize Your Leasing With Data

With the start of a new year, planning is top of mind. The commercial real estate industry is shifting from a property-focused model to a tenant-centric one and today's landlords and brokers know they must adopt new strategies to better attract, convert and retain their most valuable asset — tenants.

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Mall REIT Investor Interest Shows Retail Faith

Brick-and-mortar retail stores aren’t shown much love nowadays. Nearly every day, it seems, there is a negative headline about the “death of stores” and how everything will be bought online and flown to one’s doorstep by drones.

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PropTech: Increase Efficiency by Focusing on the Small Changes You Can Make Today

I recently joined a panel at the Bisnow State of the Market event in London, the title of which was “Accelerating Tech in London”. Quite an open topic!

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CVS-Aetna Deal Could Heighten Experiential Retail

Last montht's acquisition of Aetna by CVS Health for $69 billion is a big deal for a lot of reasons. The merger of a major drugstore retailer with one of the largest insurance companies will likely introduce big changes for the healthcare industry by making it easier for consumers and employers to choose one place for routine care and prescriptions.

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Top 10 Most-Read VTS Blog Posts of 2017

With the end of 2017 just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look back at what topics you, our readers, were most interested in over the course of the year. From understanding the modern tenant, to creative ways to use office space, here are the top 10 VTS blog posts of 2017. 

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4 Reasons why the Holidays are the Perfect Time for Retail Landlords to Try Hosting Popup Tenants

This guest blog post comes to the blog from Mohamed Haouache, CEO of Storefront.

Maybe the only thing worse than getting a lump of coal for Christmas is watching your retail space sit empty for the prime holiday season.

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3 Tips to Help the Modern CRE Firm Hire the Right Talent

As CRE firms adopt technology, their approach to hiring needs to evolve to ensure they are are securing the best skill sets.

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Retail Landlords Don’t Get a Holiday Break

It’s important for retail real estate landlords to pay attention to how tenants perform during this crucial time of year. The holiday season is make-or-break time for many retailers, making it the same for shopping center landlords, since the health of a tenant is often directly related to the performance of a retail asset.

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Tech Giants Leading the Charge Toward Smart Cities

There is a lot of talk about smart cities that are being built, or in the works, and it could spell big changes for the commercial real estate industry.

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The 10 Tallest Global Office Towers Opening in 2018

The world’s skylines are getting taller. Developers are going vertical to make the most of saturated business districts in top global cities, and a new batch of supertall office buildings are preparing to open their doors.

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