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Zeller Realty Group COO on Embracing Change: Strategies to Implement Today

How do you align organizational goals with behavior change? With information created and shared at unparalleled rates, it can be difficult to keep teams moving forward together. Firms of all sizes are facing new challenges on alignment given rapidly evolving market trends and an abundance of new CRE technology solutions becoming available.

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ULI, PwC Forecast 2018’s Top North American CRE Markets

Every year ULI and PwC put out their Emerging Trends in Real Estate report that forecasts what we could see take place in commercial real estate over the next 12 months. There is a lot to absorb in the 100-plus-page document, but many readers are often interested in the section that focuses on the nation’s top CRE metro areas, both from an overall industry standpoint, as well as broken out by property type.

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Building the Office of the Future

We’ve all heard rumors about Google’s office – scooters, legos, copious amounts of free food. Facebook embraces its startup culture with an internal bike shop. Twitter offers free laundry services. Thrillist offers paid time off on your birthday every year. An evolving workforce has set off a wave of new office habits, needs, and wants.

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New BOMA Standard: What Size is Your Office Building Really?

Need more proof that the way millennials work is impacting office real estate? Just take a look at how demand for outdoor spaces to attract young talent is changing how buildings are being measured.

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Bright Spots for U.S. Suburban Office Market

With all of the discussion about migration to downtown cores by residents, retailers and corporations, it wouldn’t be a stretch to conclude that offices in the suburbs are taking a hit. After all, the soaring rents in Manhattan and the city centers of locales such as San Francisco and Seattle are getting plenty of attention.

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7 Booming Secondary Big-Box Industrial CRE Markets

Big-box industrial properties form the backbone of the e-commerce supply chain. That’s helped them flourish over the last decade in core regional markets from the Inland Empire to Atlanta.

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CBRE: Retail CRE Picture far From Gloomy

Retail hasn't been getting the best press lately. All the consumer press seems to cover is store closures, retailer bankruptcies, the death of the mall and the extinction of brick-and-mortar stores due to the dominance of Amazon.

The recently posted CBRE Retail Innovation Series illustrates the challenges that this commercial real estate sector faces, but it also provides solutions for landlords and retailers to combat and overcome a changing consumer environment.

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Industrial Real Estate Fundamentals Tighten as Sector Keeps Evolving

The fate of industrial real estate is tied to e-commerce. In today’s market, that’s nothing to complain about.

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Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Takes Center Stage

Los Angeles has always been known as a global gateway city for commercial real estate in the United States. But the country’s second-largest metropolis has taken the back seat to New York City and San Francisco over the last several years. That is starting to change.

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You Need to Start Considering Your Building’s Digital Twin

We can no longer just think of the physical when designing and constructing new buildings. Today, when we build the physical, we must also build its Digital Twin. 

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