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VTS Product Round-Up (4/17 - 4/28)

  1. Want to know what the VTS product team has been up to this sprint? Check out some of our most recent updates below:
  3. A new stacking plan
    There is a brand new stacking plan on VTS! The upgraded stack can now serve as your single command center for all asset activity. Manage deals, spaces, options, etc. all from this one location. Read more about it here!

  4. Please stop calling me at home
    VTS now supports multiple fields for phone types. This way, when you want to follow-up on a deal, you can know whether you’re calling your contact at their office, home, or cell.

  5. Have you approved the deal yet?
    Getting approval for a deal can be a long process with many stakeholders.  And, often, those people are not on VTS. Now you can get approval by easily emailing deal terms and information to specific email addresses straight from the VTS platform.

    Perm vs. specialty
    Not all tenants are planning to stay with you for years. Now, when inputting a retail lease, you can select whether it’s a permanent or specialty lease and get a better sense of who might be rolling over soon. 

  6. A new Spaces tab layout 
  7. Thanks to a redesign of the Spaces tab layout on VTS, you can now see which spaces are physically occupied vs. lease occupied.  The new layout shows "Available," "Not Available," and "All Spaces" along the top and a secondary filter for "Vacant," "Occupied," or "Committed Lease" along the left hand navigation. 


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