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VTS Product Round-Up (7/24 - 8/4)


The VTS product team has just finished up another sprint, releasing some exciting new products. Read more about them below:

The brand new site plan
A complete refresh of our dynamic site plan is officially live! Packed full of brand new features and functionality, retail and industrial owners can now manage all their asset and tenant activity in one place. With the site plan, users can:

  • Manage all asset activity in one location.
  • Quickly filter to availabilities that match an open requirement.
  • Understand tenant merchandise mix.
  • Instantly assess tenant health.
  • Make better leasing decisions.
  • And more

Read more about all the value in the new site plan hereor email support@vts.com if you’re ready to get setup.

TouchID now on mobile

Logging into the VTS iOS app has never been easier thanks to the new TouchID functionality. You can use it to open the app quickly, while keeping your information secure.

UK improvements

As VTS continues expanding into the UK market, we’ve made some investments into the product to ensure it works appropriately in the necessary markets. To that end, VTS users in UK can now save all current and historical ITZA measurements on each retail space. This ensures all historical ITZA measurements are tracked over the life of your space.

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