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VTS Product Round-Up (5/1 - 5/12)

product round-up may 12.png

It looks like summer has finally arrived here in New York City. You know what’s also arrived? A bunch of new features on the VTS platform! Check ot what the product team has been working on in our latest sprint:

@mentions are live
For all you social media fans out there, you can now @mention your colleagues on VTS. Type the “@” symbol in a deal comment box and select the person (or persons) you’d like to notify. The mentioned person receives an email with your comment along with a link to the deal. The result is faster collaboration on deals.

A new process for onboarding site plans
As you may have heard, the VTS product team is in the process of overhauling the site plan. While we’re not quite ready to debut the new plans, the team has been working on a more accurate and scalable way to upload them to the platform. The result is a better site plan with many of the same functionalities as our new stacking plan. Be on the lookout for a full roll-out of the feature later this summer. Want to be in our beta program? Reach out to support

Customize the number of comments in your exports
When you export any of the reports from VTS, you’ll now see that you can customize the number of comments that get included in the export. Previously, you could either share all comments or only the comments created in that particular deal stage. Now, you can choose “latest comment,” “latest three comments,” “all comments,” or “comments between specified dates.”

A better proposal form
The proposal form is getting a big redesign. While we’ve added a few new fields, most of the updates are around user experience and we’ve already heard that it has improved the form’s experience, efficiency, and accuracy when logging proposal terms. If you haven’t seen the update yet, it should appear in your app within the next few days.New Call-to-action


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