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VTS Product Check-in with Brandon Weber

Brandon Weber, VTS’ chief product officer and co-founder, sits down to discuss what we’ve been working on and the main improvements planned for the coming weeks.

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VTS Product Round-Up (5/29 - 6/9)

The VTS product team is focused on landing all of it's Q2 goals.  If you missed Accelerate 2017, VTS' first annual user conference, check out the highlights here

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VTS Product Round-Up (5/15 - 5/26)

The VTS product team is making great headway on deepening our retail product. ICSC RECon gave us a great opportunity to show off a beta of our brand new site plan and the new ability to track different retail space types within the app. Check out these, and other updates, below:

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Automate your Approval Workflows Based on Deal Type

Deals are approved everyday across multiple regions, assets and transaction types and it’s cumbersome to understand or remember who has to review what. You might find yourself asking: who is required to approve this sublease in the Northeast? Or who at my organization approves expansion deals in LA?

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Behind the Scenes: How the VTS Stacking Plan was Rebuilt

As you may have heard, the VTS stacking plan recently underwent a major upgrade. One that has made the stack much more powerful and the command center for all asset activity within the platform. 

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Stay Connected with @mentions on VTS

Have you ever used @mentions on Twitter or Instagram? You simply enter the @ symbol, start typing a name and in seconds you can notify your friend of something important, relevant, or maybe just plain funny. We’ve recently rolled outthis same functionality on VTS.

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VTS Product Round-Up (5/1 - 5/12)

It looks like summer has finally arrived here in New York City. You know what’s also arrived? A bunch of new features on the VTS platform! Check ot what the product team has been working on in our latest sprint:

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New Retail Features Coming to VTS

With ICSC RECon just around the corner, retail is top of mind for much of the industry. Seems like a very appropriate time to discuss some of the exciting retail-specific changes that are coming to VTS.

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VTS Announces Accelerate: The Premier Innovation Conference for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

VTS, the industry's leading leasing and asset management platform, today announced Accelerate, the company’s first annual user conference. Taking place June 7-9 in New York City, the event will bring together the world’s top commercial real estate executives, venture capitalists and technology leaders to discuss how technology has transformed their businesses and reimagined customer relationships.

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VTS Product Round-Up (4/17 - 4/28)

  1. Want to know what the VTS product team has been up to this sprint? Check out some of our most recent updates below:
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