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Introducing the new VTS.com

Today marks a pretty significant milestone in the evolution of VTS. Having recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the VTS-Hightower merger, we’re incredibly excited to launch our brand new company website, VTS.com.

There’s a few key reasons why I’m this thrilled to get this new site out into the world.

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Complex Proposals Now Available In VTS

Now, with Complex Proposals, you can track and view your complex deals with multiple rent schedules, spaces, and leasing costs in VTS.  With the features detailed below you can use VTS for analysis on multi-term deals, blend and extend deals, and more.

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VTS Product Update: 2017 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since VTS & Hightower merged. Since then, our team has been working non-stop to improve the core VTS platform. Watch the video below to hear our latest updates from the past quarter and read about all the product enhancements we made over 2017 below.

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Happy Halloween From the VTS Team!

On this All Hallows Eve, escape the nightmare of frankensteined reporting, decaying spreadsheets and tormenting processes... 

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VTS Q3 2017 Results Reveal Significant London Adoption

Today, the VTS team was proud to announce that significant momentum in Q3 2017 has resulted in VTS' leasing and asset management platform now being used to manage over 365 million sq ft of commercial property in Europe, including over 301 million sq ft in the UK and 90 million sq ft in London alone.

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Download the Latest VTS Mobile App!

Last week, we released an updated VTS iOS app in the Apple App Store. Check out some of the main improvements that were included in this new release:

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VTS Product Round-Up (7/24 - 8/4)

The VTS product team has just finished up another sprint, releasing some exciting new products. Read more about them below:

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Announcing the Brand New Site Plan on VTS

The new VTS site plan lets retail and industrial owners manage all their asset and tenant activity in one place. Watch the below video to learn more about the changes and how to access them within VTS.

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The VTS European Platform Expands to More Than 300M SF in the First Half of 2017

The first half of 2017 was a period of significant growth for VTS in the European market. There is now more than 300 million square feet being managed by local clients on the platform – this number represents 3x growth since the end of 2016 and sees in excess of 1,000 European users logging into VTS.


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A Brand New "Legal" Deal Stage

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of steps to getting a deal done in commercial real estate. But, one of those stages has traditionally not been reflected in the VTS platform: the legal stage.

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