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Introducing A New Navigation Experience


We’re excited to announce that we’ve improved our navigation experience based on user feedback to deliver a more intuitive experience. These updates streamline the way you navigate between portfolios and assets and make our core features, like stacking plans, site plans and budgets more accessible.




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Simplified Navigation

New look and feel 


Improve the way you navigate across the platform with a more focused and intuitive interface. Our new vibrant colors improve the organization of the site and better emphasize how to access our core features.

Global sidebar

Introducing a comprehensive view of all the core features on the left-hand side of your screen. Use the global sidebar to effortlessly navigate from your deal pipeline to your stacking plan.

Stacking plans & site plans

Easily navigate from one stacking plan or site plan to the other without leaving the page you’re currently on.


An intuitive view of your portfolios and assets

A consolidated list of portfolios and assets


Access your saved portfolios and assets in one central location, allowing you to select and manage the assets with ease

Improved multi-building asset support

Select a multi-building asset to view the data that pertains to each building within that asset. Easily drill into multi-building assets from the asset name on both the web and iOS app for a consistent experience across devices.

We’d love to continue to hear your feedback! Please reach out to support@vts.com with any comments or questions.

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