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5 TED Talks Every CRE Professional Should Watch


TED Talks are known for their incredible content and excellent delivery. While most are about science or culture, here is a collection of some of the best TED Talks for real estate folks:  

Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster?
It’s no secret that 3D printing already has major potential to disrupt the commercial real estate industry — including impacts to construction, architecture, and leasing. But, what would happen if the technology become exponentially more effective? Joseph DeSimone answers the broader question of 3D printing efficiency in this interesting talk from 2015.
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Jason Fried | Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

Offices have undergone an immense amount of change over the past few years. Many point to millennials as the catalyst for the shift in office dynamics. But Jason Fried, co-founder and president of 37signals, believes the office environment needs an even more dramatic shift. It would have serious implications on office design and leasing.

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Theaster Gates: How to revive a neighborhood – with imagination, beauty and art

Think a potter can’t teach you about real estate and placemaking? Think again. In this 2015 TED Talk Theaster Gates talks about taking the fundamentals of potting — “how to make great things out of nothing” — and applying them to a neighborhood in Chicago’s south side.

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Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people

In his 2013 talk, designer and architect Alastair Parvin asked a simple question: “What if architecture was left to non-architects?” What would happen if buildings were designed not be the select few, but by the masses? His talk outlines some interesting examples and why he thinks the democratization of production is the next big wave in real estate.

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Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting suburbia

A lot has changed in suburban real estate since Ellen Dunham-Jones gave her TED Talk in January 2010. Indeed, many of the “dying malls” and “dead big box stores” have been reimagined for a more experiential and engaged consumer. Still, her analysis of major trends and strategies is worth the watch.

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Billy Fink
Billy Fink is a marketing manager at VTS, focused on writing the best of CRE news and trends. He previously worked at Axial, and is a graduate of Columbia University.

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